Many graphic design platforms allow you to create a caricature or convert picture to caricature. As you may know, the art of caricature requires quite an extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of drawing.

Caricature drawing mainly relies on your exaggerated abilities, sensitivity, and creativity. After all, the goal of caricature is not to make fun of someone or make them ugly.

A caricature is a portrait where changed proportions need to highlight what makes that person unique. In short, it is a lot of work! But thanks to these technological marvels, we can skip hours of painstaking practice and get stunning results within minutes

Let's see how easy it is to make a caricature from a photo via a caricature-making app!

#1 Using Canva to Create a Caricature:

make caricature by Canva

What is Canva:

Canva is one of the most popular online graphic design platforms for editors and designers. It is a tool loaded with multiple easy-to-use features for users to generate the coolest design works. Canva is widely used to create a variety of posters, cards, resumes, PPTs, infographics, brand logos, and short videos. Canva is also a good caricature maker that helps you to produce funny cartoon profiles.

How to convert picture to caricature by Canva

  • 1. Register or log in to your Canva account.
  • 2. Click "Create a new design" on Canva and choose a design.
  • 3. In the "Elements" tab, select as many elements you want. Create a background by dragging them into your design.
  • 4. Use the search bar in the Elements tab, input "character," and drag the one you like in your scene.
  • 5. Crop the body by clicking on Modify on the top bar and remove the character's head, which you will replace with the one in your photo.
  • 6. Click on Uploads and upload your photo or picture.
  • 7. Add your photo and crop it. With a premium account, you can remove the background as well.
  • 8. Right-click on the character's body and bring it on top.
  • 9. Position your images until perfectly aligned.

You can watche this tutorial video to know how to make a caricature by Canva quickly:

#2 Using to Create a Caricature:

What is is a popular online caricature maker allowing users to produce the best caricatures in minutes. Based on the advanced face recognition technology, it can scan the face in the photo and analyze the facial features quickly. This tool takes only 3 minutes to convert your portrait to cartoon effects with over 60 variations. If you are looking for a free app to make caricature online without any editing skills involved, try and you won't be upset.

make caricature by

How to Convert Picture to Caricature by

  • 1. Head to
  • 2. Click on the “Upload” button to upload the portrait photo to the platform.
  • 3. You have to wait for the processing time. Just take a cup of coffee before the process is done.
  • 4. Once the caricature making app finishes, select the one you like or click on the red "Download All" button.
  • 5. Get over 60 pictures with cartoon effects. Enjoy them and choose what you want.

#3 Using PhotoShop to Create a Caricature:

caricature by Photoshop

What is PhotoShop:

You may have heard of the name “PhotoShop” for a long time even though you don't use it or don't install it on your computers. Yes, Photoshop is a powerful and comprehensive one-stop photo editing program, available for both Windows and Mac. It is very popular among designers because of its multiple and magic editing features. Whatever kind of picture you want to create, this software can help you achieve it. And this app also supports converting the real photo to cartoon or caricature effects. Let's see how to do that below.

How to Convert Pictures to Caricatures by Photoshop?

  • 1. For starters, open your picture. And duplicate the background layer. (For clarity, your picture should be the background layer if you created a new project by opening one.)
  • 2. Select the duplicated layer.
  • 3. In the "Filter" panel, click on "Liquify."
  • 4. Play with the different options until you achieve the desired results. Next, click the OK button on the bottom.
  • 5. Again, in the "Filter" panel, choose "Filter Gallery...".
  • 6. At this point, you can try several filters. For convenience, let's use the "Poster Edges" filter by clicking on it.
  • 7. Once you move the sliders to find the right edge thickness and intensity, confirm by clicking the OK button on top.
  • 8. For better details, access the "Filter" panel once more. Go to "Sharpen," and then click on "Unsharp Mask...".
  • 9. You can move the sliders if you want. But the caricature making app default settings will create a stunning drawing-like portrait even if you click OK without making any changes.
  • 10. Select "Stylize" in the "Filter" panel for a smoother, cartoonish look. Next, click on "Oil Paint...". Finally, confirm by clicking OK.

Want to see the visual video tutorial of making a caricature by PhotoShop? Here comes the video!

Caricature FAQ:

1. Is caricature a cartoon?

By definition, a caricature is not just a cartoon because it is a satirical representation. So, it could be a cartoon, a 3D image, or any digitally altered pic.

2. What is a digital caricature?

A digital caricature is a specific caricature type that can be achieved by means of graphic design platforms like Photoshop, GIMP, or Canva.

caricature FAQ

3. AI Caricature Drawing Software vs. Cartoonist: Which is Better?

AI caricature drawing software relies heavily on precise and adaptive code. In other words, not only does the drawing quality depends on the available digital tools and resources, but it also depends on its developers' professional skills. On the other hand, a cartoonist has to find new ways to digitalize their craft or make a seamless transition from paper to virtual space. Unless they learn to draw on the screen via a graphic tablet.

The better option is the one that gives you more guarantees. So, if you find a cartoonist with an impressive portfolio, one that can create a caricature in a matter of minutes, choosing an AI would make no sense. But AI caricature drawing software would be a better option if you have to spend too much time and money on cartoonists because some of them are free.

In this article, we have introduced three ways to turn photo to caricatures. If you are interested in more tips or tools to create your own caricatures, don't miss this complete guide that cointaing newly the most popular caricature makers in the market.

The Complete Guide to Make Caricature: Online & Offline Tools Involved