Are you interested in creating fun likeness of friends and families through drawing a caricature with the paper and pencil? If the answer is yes, head to read this tutorial guide about hand-drawn caricature. Start exploring best way to exaggerate the appearance and portray the character’s shiny features.

#2 How to draw a caricature by yourself

There is a trick that no need to struggle with drawing a caricature by hand. Read the article about AI caricature makers. You will learn:

2.1 The Core Steps to Draw a Caricature on Paper

  • 1. Prepare a Real Face Photo That You Want to Turn into Caricature.
  • 2. Get a white paper, eraser, and pencil ready.
  • 3. Observe the facial features and draw a rough outline of the face.
  • 4. Add dividing lines on the outline to ensure the right face proportions.
  • 5. Draw the nose, mouth, eyes, and eyebrows.
  • 6. Carefully carve the eyeballs and eyelashes.
  • 7. Add more details to the face by using shapes and shadows.
  • 8. Add hair and draw more details to make the face recognizable by using lines.
  • 9. Pick up the features that make the figure in the photo stand out.
  • 10. Exaggerate the selected features by using various ways.
  • 11. Simplify the other features that you don’t want to emphasize.
  • 12. Adjust the proportions of the body and face if the body is involved in the picture.
  • 13. Explore a visual balance between all major features and place them at proper positions
  • 14. Take the background and all features into consideration, and make some changes.
  • 15. Colorize the caricature if you like the current painting.

You can also watch this YouTube video to see how to draw a caricature by hands directly (80K likes):

2.2 Key Features of Hand-drawn Caricature:

  • 1. Customize portrait caricatures to meet the client's needs. Make sure the cartoon style suit customers much.
  • 2. Lesser limitations for figure numbers: most professional artists can draw caricatures for a single man, a couple, or a group of persons.
  • 3. Artist Usually has different rates for white & black sketches and colorized patterns.
  • 4. It takes about 2 hours to several days to finish caricature creation manually.
  • 5. High-resolution PNG and JPG formats are supported if the artists make caricature on a digital device.
  • 6. Extra fast delivery is not for multiple orders. If you have an urgent need, you may have to pay more money and place the order in small quantities at a time.
  • 7. The final caricature work can be revised several times according to the customers’ advice.
caricature, all you need to know

2.3 Top 5 Hand-drawn Caricature Related Websites

Do not want to draw the caricature by yourself? You can follow the list and find the best hand-drawn caricature services provider. Send your photo and let the professional artist to draw the caricature for you.

1. Proko (

Proko is a hub for artists to improve their drawing skills. It has designed a popular course to teach artists how to draw a caricature. The core tutorial involves Rough Sketching, Final Shaded Drawing, and Exaggeration.

2. GoofyFaces ( )

GoofyFaces is one of the most professional caricature customization agencies, hiring many artists to draw caricatures for clients. The featured service includes traditional caricatures, eSketchs, Caricature coasters, remote caricatures, face painting.

3. Wish2B ( is a website focusing on customizing portrait caricatures worldwide. By using a huge collection of templates and hand-drawn elements, this site can make the caricature enough attractive to show the person’s beauty and personality.

4. Picsart (

Picsart has been believed as the largest creative platform and community for designers. The platform provides users with powerful editing tools to make cartoons and caricatures. It is also a good place to get new ideas and inspiration about your cartoon creations.

5. Osoq (

Osoq is another painting platform putting in a lot of effort to make hand-drawn and digital caricatures to meet customers’ needs. It customizes designs as clients’ requests such as outfits, pose, accessories & background.

caricature, all you need to know

2.4 Top 10 Caricature Artists with 5 Stars on Upwork:

You can also find some great carciature freelancers from Upwork. You can review the list below and find the best freelancer to draw the caricature for you.

1). AndreaP

He is an experienced freelance illustrator and designer based in San Diego, good at traditional acrylic and watercolor painting.

2). Jay T

Jay T has over 20 years of experience creating dynamic graphics for companies and specializes in humorous illustration, cartoons, and caricatures.

3). Gerald S

The artist can create both handmade and digital art, capable of working in a cartoon, Manga, and realistic style.

4). Ajay R

She loves working with an array of materials, most often gouache, acrylic, colored pencil, and collage to create warm and friendly illustrations.

5). Alejandro V

Alejandro runs a pop culture and comic art Instagram page with 50,000 followers and has screened personal work at Comic-Con International San Diego.

6). Rebecca M

Rebecca M works as the Architect and Illustrator, creating visual designs with concepts.

7). Emrecan A

Emrecan A does well as an architect and illustrator, obtaining 7+ Years of experience in cartoon, mascot, caricature logo designing.

8). Jessica Laine M

Jessica works as an illustrator, portrait artist, and designer specializing in hand-drawn and eye-catching designs.

9). Chloe V

Chloe V excels in customizing caricatures, designing a character with cartoon and anime style.

10). Tiye F

This guy is a multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator, creating original, emotion-evoking animations that will blow your viewers away!

2.5 The Disadvantages of Hand-drawn Caricature:

However, if you are not a skilled caricature artist, it would not be possible for you to draw satisfactory work. There are also some challenges to finding a reliable caricature artist to work for you.

1). Cost much money

Hiring an artist to turn your photo into caricatures means you need to spend much money for obtaining the satisfying work. Looking through multiple job descriptions on Upwork, you will find the fee of making a caricature is not low. Besides, the colorized paintings cost more money than the sketches. Some cartoonists even require an extra fee for manuscripts revisions.

2). Consume much time

If you choose to make a caricature with hand-drawn style by the artists, you’d better be patient and have enough time for them to complete the creation. Generally speaking, a minimum of 2 hours is expected to spend when a professional cartoonist draws a satisfactory caricature.

3). Need to Pre-order

The most popular artists usually have plenty of orders of caricature making. To cooperate with such a craftsperson, you have to pre-order and wait for your products to be delivered. You can’t get the wanted caricature fast and enjoy the comic effect immediately.

4). Not easy to find a reliable partner

Good cartoonists are hard to come by. Not everyone is so lucky to find a cartoonist who perfectly draws photos to caricature in their first cooperation. You possibly encounter half-baked painters who are still unskilled. Assuming so, you may suffer a lot.

caricature, all you need to know


In this article, we have talked a lot of details about caricature drawing by hand. Assuming that you have grasped the basic drawing tips and essential skills, you can finish a wonderful work with convincing cartoon effects. However, it’s not easy for newbies to get a satisfying result, especially when you have no basic knowledge of painting. If you just want to make caricature in a fast way, you may need a powerful AI caricature maker to do the work immediately. Read another article to unlock the most effective caricature drawing tools here.